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As a clinical massage therapist, I tailor massage sessions to suit my clients individuals needs whether it be for relaxation or to address tight fascia*, knotted muscles or musculoskeletal pain issues.

I use a combination of techniques such as the ones below, I believe they provide a powerful therapy for people with the above issues.

 Trigger point therapy

 Soft tissue release

 Hot/cold therapy

 Ultrasound

 Myofascial release

 Stretching

 Cupping

 Myofascial Taping

Sessions vary between 30- 90 minutes in length depending on the clients requirements. It is advised to have between 2-6 sessions when dealing will specific soft tissue pain.

So what is:

- A Trigger Point?

A trigger point are ‘hyper-irritable’ points found in the muscle tissue and refers pain in a specific pattern. Releasing these points can bring about relief to the area.

- Hot/Cold Therapy?


The use of smooth basalt stones (volcanic rock that absorb and retain the heat or cold!) can provide a deeply relaxing treatment or to enhance any remedial massage to soften taut fascia and muscles.

- Why do I need to stretch?

Stretching helps improve flexibility and produces great results in the rehabilitation of chronic pain conditions


- Myofascial Release?

Emotional trauma, postural imbalances and accidents can cause our fascia to become restricted.

This gentle hands-on technique is performed directly on to the skin with no oils/creams. With a gentle sustained pressure, the practitioner is able to detect any fascia restrictions in the body and by holding the pressure can allow the fascia restrictions to release.

* Fascia is connective tissue that joins together all the structures of the body

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