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Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy has been set up due to the new changes in data protection regulations -GDPR General Data Protection Act 2018. It explains how your personal data is collected and used by Carla Ward Clinical/Sports Massage Therapist & Reflexologist.

1. Personal data collected:

  • Personal data collected at the first appointment via a consultation form relates to name, postal address, date of birth, gender, contact telephone numbers, email address, medical history, medication, lifestyle and reason for treatment. Any verbal information given regarding your health will also be recorded in your personal clinical notes.
  • Data collected with regards to queries in the form of IP address, mobile or landline telephone number, via social media means - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. - To check social media privacy policies please visit their websites.
  • Credit card details are taken when paying for this service via Sumup. To check their privacy policy please visit their website.

2. How the data collected is used:

The data collected is used solely by Carla Ward Clinical/Sports Massage Therapist & Reflexologist to:

  • Respond to are quieries via email, text or phonecall
  • Provide a treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements
  • Provide reminder calls/texts/emails for appointments booked
  • Texts about last minute appointment availablility
  • Monthly newsletter - provided by Mailchimp
  • Marketing purposes solely for the use of Carla Ward Clinical/Sports Massage Therapist & Reflexologist.

3. Retaining data:

Data is securly kept in paper form onsite and held for 7 years after the last treatment in compliance with Insurance regulations. In the case of minors, records are kept for at least 7 years after they reach the age of 18.

After this time it is safely incinerated. 

4. Accessing your data:

If you wish to access the information held on you please email

5. Sharing personal date:

Personal data is not shared with a third party unless:

  • Paying for this service via Sumup
  • Monthly newsletter via Mailchimp
  • Requested by regulatory or goverment authority
  • Proffessional bodies such as lawyers, insurers or auditors

6. Links and Cookies:

There are no links on this website but cookies may be used by Vistaprint to collect the following data - Page view, location, referring traffic, visit length and search engine used. Please visit the Vistaprint site for their privacy policy.

Any further questions with regards to the information held on you please feel free to contact me at

Carla Ward Ocean Fitness. 96 Dominion Road, Worthing, West Sussex. BN14 8JP

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